#ManCaveMonday: The Ultimate in Remote Control Toys

Remote Control ToysYou could get up from your seat in your outdoor man cave, walk over to your buddy sitting by the pool and hand him a beer, or you could deliver it with a splash! This RC Water and Land Tank Drink Carrier can carry up to four drinks by land or by sea (pool), and is mounted with a soft pellet canon so you can target your pals for a little fun.

We’ve all been there: your buddy is being lazy, using the old “but I don’t want to get out of the pool” excuse to get out of retrieving his own drink. So there you are, trying to be a gracious host, standing up, opening the cooler, and walking over to your buddy to give him a cold one. And don’t get too comfortable when you sit back down – his demands are like clockwork. You’d think he’d need to get out of the pool at some point! But no, he continues to interrupt your man cave relaxation. So you eye your collection of remote control toys, thinking “if only I could just drive his drinks over to him, I could remain seated in my lounger, blissfully relaxed.” Alas, none of your remote control toys can drive on land and in water, let alone efficiently carry a can or bottle… and more importantly, they can’t deliver a subtle message, in the form of a canon blast, letting him know that he’s being a jerk.


Well, we have one more remote control toy to add to your collection. One that delivers all of the above, and more. Land, water, drinks, canon. Yep! This is the ultimate in remote control toys. Your man cave will never be the same!


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