#ManCaveMonday: Marathon

100 great western movie classicsDo you know John Wayne’s real name or that he was a quarterback at USC? Can you reel off classic movie lines and dialogue? Then, your Man Cave won’t be complete without the 100 Greatest Western Classics DVD collection.

Sure, the modern Man Cave may be a place for video games and serial dramas, there’s no substitute for the good vs. evil, testosterone-fueled action of these classic oaters and horse operas. With 100 titles, there’s nearly endless entertainment, but that’s also a little intimidating even for the biggest Western fan. So here are a few ideas on how to efficiently tackle all 100 Greatest Western Classics movies.

The Marathon:

Think of yourself as an actual marathoner. Maybe you’ll run the 26+ miles once, or a few times a year, but each time takes commitment and planning. Are all the chores done? Is it raining or bitterly cold outside? Are you sick? These are all great excuses to polish off 6-8 movies at a time. The thing about marathoning, though is that it can be bad for your body to do too often. Stagger your marathons throughout the year and take the time in between to remember your favorite moments from the movies you’ve just watched. 

Guys’ Night:

Do you have a poker night or general “guys’ night”? Throw on a movie or two each night either as the feature or as background entertainment. You’re guaranteed to pick up some one-liners from these classic Western movie DVDs that’ll be great inside jokes for future hang-outs. 

The Next Generation:

Anticipate the groan. Kids tend to despise the thought of anything old… especially old movies. But once they hit the age where they can handle longer plots and storylines, classic Western movies can provide enjoyable entertainment for even the hippest, coolest kids. Heck, every modern action movie has the same general plot as most Westerns anyways. And, they might even spot a Hollywood icon like Burt Lancaster, Charles Bronson, James Caan or Dennis Hopper! Share a hero-saves-the-day moment with the kids or grandkids. You won’t regret it… especially when they ask to watch another one! 

However you choose to consume all 100 Western movies included in this DVD box set, the entertainment inside will certainly complement the most rugged and the most modern man caves. Grab a bowl of popcorn and a flask and enjoy your favorite classics and maybe some new favorites.


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