#ManCaveMonday: Man Leaves His Cave to BBQ!

BBQ Accessories

Your man cave BBQ palace is nearly complete. You’ve got your grill set up, tunes playing, and the meat is ready to be thrown on the flame. But now it’s time to grab a cold one. You could reach into the cooler, but keeping a cooler filled with ice all summer is a hassle (and expensive) and every time you go to grab another beverage, you have to dig around in the icy water, looking for the one you want, getting frostbite along the way. If only you had a vending machine that could kick out the cold beverage you want, when you want it, and had some vintage style to fit with the rest of your man cave décor.

Enter into the picture this classic Coca-Cola Vending Fridge. It delivers all of the convenience of a vending machine with none of the quarters! Just fill this baby up with your favorite beverages (it fits five rows of  two cans each for a total of 10 cans) and you’ll always have your favorite ice-cold beverage (literally at 32 degrees below ambient temperature) at your fingertips. Whether you have a full outdoor kitchen, where you could slide this vending fridge under the counter, or a more simple barbecue setup, all you need is an AC outlet and to get this fridge up and running.

Each row has its own selection button that allows the can to drop into the retrieval slot at the bottom of the vending fridge. It’s just like a full-sized vending machine, except it uses quiet, vibration free thermoelectric cooling instead of a noisy compressor, so it won’t interrupt the best part of your movie or football game. From Coca-Cola collectors to gadget lovers, this little fridge will be right at home in your indoor man cave or outdoors for your next BBQ.


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