#ManCaveMonday: Hide your Man Cave Sound with the Bluetooth Speaker Shelf


bluetooth speaker shelfA perfect Man Cave may look different to different men. But one thing every man appreciates is ingenuity… especially when that ingenuity means hiding something functional. Whether you hide your 60” screen behind sliding barn doors for a rustic look, or disguise your bar as a wardrobe, hiding your Man Cave features is not only cool, it looks good too.

 That’s why this Bluetooth Speaker Shelf works with any Man Cave design. Start with a pair of crystal-clear speakers that you can connect to any Bluetooth device, wirelessly. Then tuck them away in a handsome wall shelf for a sleek, clean look. Any guy can mount this shelf in about a half hour, and just wait until your guests see (and hear) it!

Your hidden Man Cave features don’t have to stop with the Bluetooth Speaker Shelf. There are plenty of DIY projects out there which will allow you to hide electronics, so search around for ideas and make your man cave cooler with hidden amenities.

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