#ManCaveMonday: Electronic Return Putting Mat

Electronic return putting matWhile you may not be wealthy enough to hire your own butler, you can still live like a king in your man cave – or at least not have to retrieve your own practice putts. Following man walking on the moon, scientists world-wide devoted their careers to figuring out how to not have to spend endless hours retrieving their missed and sunken putts while practicing in the comfort of their home. Thanks to their valiant efforts, you can now perfect your putt in the judgment-free zone of your man cave, and not have to take a step to retrieve your own ball.

All joking aside, one of the best ways to dial in the mechanics of putting is repetition. And not having to break your putting stance will allow you to perform that repetition and muscle memory more easily and consistently. So get yourself this Electronic Return Putting Mat and live like a king in your own man cave.



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