Man Throws Away Harddrive With Bitcoin Worth $7.5 Million

An IT worker could have quit his job yesterday if he wasn’t so careless. Years ago the British man purchased some Bitcoin for cheap but with its recent popularity and growth today he would be a millionaire. What happened to his Bitcoin stash?

James Howells mined 7,500 Bitcoins in 2009 and held on to them for years. Last summer however he discarded his laptop which held the Bitcoins. Earlier this week Bitcoin hit a milestone hitting $1,000 per coin. If you do the simple math in your head you’ll realize that Howells’s hard drive that he threw away is now worth $7.5 million.

Where is Howells digital empire? Apparently he tossed the hard drive in a landfill near Newport, Wales. THe landfill is the size of a soccer field so he has a lot of digging to do. Authorities told him that it would be impossible to find because it is probably covered with four feet of garbage. To assist with his efforts he has set up a new Bitcoin wallet asking for donations that would go towards funding a recovery effort.

Only if he backed up his computer. Hopefully the laptop is functional if he does recover it.


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