Man Cave Monday: Winter Home Management with the 21 Foot Snow Rake

Let’s face it, even in the winter there are reasons to leave your man cave on occasion. Often times it’s to shovel the driveway or sidewalk. It’s those winter chores that draw us away from our home in the man cave, so the more quickly we can take care of our winter chores the more time we’ll get to spend in our masculine abode.

One of the major chores we face when it snows is getting the snow off of our roof. When snow builds up, the bottom layer can melt from the heat from the house, and the melted snow water can work its way into the shingles and roof causing major damage.

And, the weight of the snow puts tremendous pressure on the roof. For a 1,000-sq. ft. roof, even light fluffy snow can quickly add up to 7,000 lbs. Wet, heavy snow on the same roof can weigh 20,000 lbs. — the equivalent of a school bus!

The most adventurous (and maybe stupid) of us will climb up on the slippery roof with a shovel, risking life and limb. Those who like to work smarter, simply grab their 21 Foot Snow Rake from the garage or shed, rake the snow from the edges of their roof (the most prone to icing) and are back inside watching the game in no time.

So next time it snows, don’t risk a fall when clearing the snow off of your roof. Just reach for your 21 Foot Snow Rake and get the job done easily and quickly, so you can spend more time in your man cave this winter.

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