Is Apple Releasing A Budget Priced iPhone?

There has been huge speculation from analysts that Apple is manufacturing a more economically priced iPhone. Some leaked photos are supporting the rumors, check out the pics below.

The next expected mobile release from Apple is the iPhone 5S. Besides a newer version to Apple’s latest iPhone a new line has been rumored to be released in the next few months. The device would cost less than the current iPhone model, a tactic never used by Apple with its line of iPhones.

The following picture appeared on Chinese discussion forum WeiPhone:

As you can see a new plastic case has been developed with the device name ‘iPhone 5C.’ It is also believed that the ‘C’ could stand for “color” for a new line of device that will be sold in an array of colors.

Apple has never confirmed that a budget iPhone is being released. Hopefully the rumors will be answered within the next few months.

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