Instagram Adds Imported Video Support In Its Latest Update

As video sharing battle continues between Instagram and Vine, Facebook recently made a strategic move on their end to make their video sharing service more desirable. What features were added? Find out more about the Instagram update below.

Instagram has added a highly desirable feature in it latest version of the application, video uploads from the mobile media library. With this feature users can now share clips from old and new videos stored on the device.

The  new import feature is available onVersion 4.1 is now available for iOS and Android devices. Support was added to owners of devices running  Android 4.0 operating system, aka “Ice Cream Sandwich,” they now have the ability to share 15 second videos on the social network. iOS users will notice a new camera tool that straightens up crooked photos.

It hasn’t been two months since video for Instagram was first launched and there has been no slacking since the feature has been added. With the new import option the video sharing network has unique features setting it aside from its rival Vine. Have you tried the new video import feature on Instagram? How do you like it?



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