Hit the Slopes and Record Your Adventures with these Tips for Filming with Camera Ski Goggles

Did you catch so much air that no-one would ever believe you? Or do you want to capture your toddler’s first time on skis or a snowboard? When you think about it, every moment you spend on the slopes this winter is worthy of being captured. From the pristine vistas to the action-packed descent, recording skiing and snowboarding adventures has always been a goal for snow sliders. Today’s POV cameras are great, but most of them are clunky. With Camera Ski Goggles, the camera captures exactly what you see and without sticking out off of your helmet. But once you have your Camera Ski Goggles, how do you capture the best video and edit it into an entertaining YouTube clip? Follow these three tips for getting the most out of your Camera Ski Goggles this winter. 

  1. Preparation: Before you hit the slopes for your first day of filming, test out your new Camera Ski Goggles. If you’re going to wear them with a helmet, try them on with all of your gear at home to make sure they’re properly adjusted to fit. Turn them on and film some B-Roll in and around the house. Your family may think you look silly wearing a helmet and goggles around the house, but it’ll be worth it – plus you are a little silly anyways, right? Finally, make sure your Camera Ski Goggles are fully charged before leaving to hit the slopes in the morning.
  2. Filming: It may take a few days to dial in your best ski and snowboard filming technique. Just like with photographs, light can play a big role in getting an attractive image. If you’re standing stationary to film a friend skiing by, try not to point the lens (or in this case, look) into the sun. Instead stand with the sun at your back and have them ski by. If you’re attempting to “follow-cam” a friend, where you film by skiing or snowboarding behind them, remember that with Point of View video cameras like the Camera Ski Goggles, the wide angle of the lens makes subjects appear further away than you might expect. With some practice you’ll figure out how to safely follow your friend or family member at a close distance to get the best shot without risking running into them if they stop short.
  3. Editing: The key to a great ski or snowboard clip is the key to telling any story – K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). Aim to make your edited clip short and sweet with as few effects as possible (really effects aren’t needed at all). There are some great video editing programs out there and all the mainstream editing suites will work with the Camera Ski Goggles’ output files. Have fun with editing and don’t worry about making multiple cuts with the same footage as you get better at editing.

Hit the slopes this winter and have fun filming and photographing all of your on-snow adventures. And remember when filming video to prepare properly, play with your angles to get the best shots and K.I.S.S. when editing. We’ll see you on the slopes!

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