Grandfather Sells Grandson On Facebook in India


The Internet has changed the way we do our shopping and a grandfather turned to the world’s largest social network to barter an extension of his own flesh and blood, his grandson. Read about this bizarre story below.

A baby only three days old was sold on Facebook by his own grandfather in India. The grandfather informed his daughter that the child passed.

The single mother of the child gave birth on April 8 in the city of Ludhiana. The mother, Noora was discharged and sent home days later but a hospital nurse, Sunita, and a hospital employee, Gurpreet Singh came to Noora’s home and informed her that the child was sick and needed to return to the hospital for tests.

The next day her father told her that the child had died.

It was later discovered that the grandfather made an arrangement with Sunita and Gurpreet to sell the child. The grandfather was offered 45,000 Rupees ($830 USD) for the kidnapping of the newborn. The hospital employees then sold the child to a illegal trafficker for 350,000 Rupees ($6,400 USD). The child was then sold for 800,000 ($15,000 USD) to aDelhi-based business man via Facebook.

Noora became suspicious of the death of her child and her father’s new wealth so she alerted the police who then investigated the matter. They discovered the deal which her father made and thankfully was able to track down the child. The baby has now been reunited with her mother unharmed. The hospital employees along with Noora’s father have been taken in by authorities but the dealer and business man are still being sought after.


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