Google To Release Device Manager for Android This Month

We hold a lot of personal information and data on our smartphones so losing your device could be very scary. Android users will soon have a great solution to lower panic if you ever happen to lose your device. Details about Device Manager for Android below.

It is extremely stressful when you misplace or lose your phone. If  misplacing your phone is a constant problem you have Device Manager for Android devices will give you a piece of mind. The service works very similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone locating your device based on its GPS location.

In addition to locating you will be able to turn the ringer on if the device is silent. No more tearing the house down when your phone miraculously slides under the bed. If someone does recover your device, which can be tracked in real time with Device Manager, erasing the phone is also an option to stop them from looking at sensitive information on your device.

The service is scheduled to launch later this month. It will be available to  Android 2.2 or higher and to access the user only has to log in their Google account. Until then make sure you follow Google’s safety tips to avoid the stress of a misplaced device.


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