Google Outage Kills 40% Of World’s Net Traffic

The panic is over, the Google outage was thankfully brief. How did the world react to Google’s service outage this past Friday? Details about the Google blackout and effects below.

According to the Google Apps Dashboard the company had a brief outage last Friday. All services from Google Search, Gmail, YouTube  etc. went down at 4:37pm Pacific Time. The blackout lasted from one to five minutes depending on the service and by 4:48pm all services were green again.

Doesn’t seem like a big deal right? Outages are expected from time to time with technology companies. The rare full fledged blackout however showed Google’s importance. Web analytics¬†firm GoSquared reported the worldwide internet traffic dropped a whopping 40% during the Google outage. GoSquared’s graph gives us a visual of the outage.

Google has yet to make an statement regarding the outage. Reporters were only directed to the Apps Dashboard for reference. With the data complied from the outage however it’s safe to assume they are working overtime on the data centers to avoid another outage.


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