Google Opening 'Pop Up Shops' To Promote Products For The Holidays

With the holiday season approaching Google is looking to have more of its gadgets under more Christmas trees than it competitors Apple and Microsoft. They are opening six showrooms across the country to promote their hottest products.

The showroom announcement was made on a new Google website recently and the retail locations will be known as Winter Wonderlabs. The locations will feature popular Google products like its Nexus 7 tablets, Chromebook computers and Chromecast video-streaming devices. After trying out the gadgets consumers will be able to order them online, a one stop shop for online shopping. As described on the website: “The Winter Wonderlab is a fun and interactive way to experience all of Google’s

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Where can you visit a Winter Wonderlab? Google is rolling out showrooms in or around New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sacramento, California, and Paramus, New Jersey. This is the first time Google is investing in retail locations for it’s hardware, a practice which has branded Apple products. The trend trickled down to

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Microsoft and Intel with both companies opening store and/or showrooms in recent years.


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