Google Makes Another Attempt To Enter The TV Market With The Chromecast


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though the streaming set top box market has some established products from competitors, Google is making another attempt to grab a piece of the market with it latest product, Chromecast. Has Google finally developed a strong competitor to shake up the TV market?

There are various Wifi set top box choices on the market, some popular consumer choices being the Apple TV at $99 and Roku starting at $50. Google recently announced a new Wifi media streaming device, the Chromecast retailing at only $35.

The Chromecast’s price point has made the product very popular already but to sweeten the deal Google was offering three months of Netflix for free with the purchase. That deal ended a day after being announced after a huge demand and week long backorder. The device which is basically the same design of a USB stick plugs directly in the HDMI port of your TV and streams media content from an array of devices after connecting to your Wifi network. In addition to Netflix the device will be able to stream from YouTube and purchases from the Google Play store. Support for Pandora is expected to added soon to the device however no word on support coming for Hulu and HBO Go, other popular streaming services.

The demand is there for the Chromecast, major retailers are already sold out like Amazon. The device is being resold on secondary markets for as much as $150. Has Google finally found the one with the Chromecast. Google TV did not last long due to software issues and its 2nd attempt to enter the TV market the Nexus Q peaked mild interest before even hitting the shelves at $300. It has a great price but the Chromecast needs a couple of additions to compete with Roku or Apple TV.


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