Google Joins In The April Fools’ Day Activities With Multiple Web Pranks

As usual Google has a little fun with some pranks on April Fools’ Day. What “projects” can you expect from Google this year? Check out some of company’s newest technologies for pranksters below.

Tired of typing? What if you could search and discover Google Search by smell. Well with Google Nose that is possible. See why Google Nose is “the new scentsation in search” in the following video.

Google Nose

It’s Monday and you are probably at work. Well Google wants you to skip work today and find some hidden treasure. Google has enhanced its Maps application to also provide directions to hidden treasures around the world. Need a little adventure this morning? Google has you covered.

Google Treasure

Google owned YouTube is finally shutting down it’s doors. The company announced that the site’s technicians will be digging through the sites archives to find the best YouTube video. In ten years, once the selection is made that will be the only video we can view. See why YouTube is shutting down it’s doors below.

YouTube Is Shutting Its Doors


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