Google Is Shutting Down Google Reader This Upcoming July

Google is closing the doors on its popular web content feeder Google Reader. Users are able to compile their favorite feeds from across the web to receive updates on news. Why is Google Reader shutting down? What alternatives are out there for users? Find out below.

According to Google usage of it popular feeder Google Reader has declined over the years due to growth of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Google Senior Vice President Urs Holzle discussed the change to Google Reader in a recent blog post: “While the product has a loyal following, over the years usage has declined.”

Various petitions emerged shortly after the announcement, some like on receiving over 46,000 signatures to “Keep Google Reader Running.” The cries fell upon deaf ears however, the doors are still officially closing on July 1 but users can export content to another RSS reader with the assistance of Google Takeout.

You have four months left but it make sense to try out a new reader for your content before the doors close. Forbes complied a list of great alternative RSS readers. Check them out below:

The Old Reader







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