Google Is Launching A Streaming Music Service

Google held its annual Google I/O conference and they revealed some new products and services which will make our lives easier in the near future. One of the rumored services was a music streaming service and it was finally revealed yesterday. Details about the new Google music streaming service below.

Google is currently hosting Google I/O, the company’s annual conference for software developers. A rumored service from Google was revealed today, a subscription based music service. The service is tied directly into Play, Google’s online media hub. The service will compete directly with the popular Spotify music service.

Should Spotify be worried about the new service dubbed Google All Access? The service which launched yesterday in the U.S. has similar features to Spotify but includes a deep integration with Google’s search capabilities. Users will be able to search through various genres of music to their leisure, additionally the service will offer a radio feature. During the announcement, Chris Yerga, Google’s engineering director described the feature: “This is radio without rules. It’s as ‘leanback’ as you want to, or as interactive as you want to.” The listener will be able add songs from the radio to playlists.

Unlike Spotify, Google All Access will not offer a free version of the service. The service will be $9.99 like a premium Spotify user and you can try out the service right now for 30 days at no charge. If you really like the service, Google is offering an discount to users who sign up before June 30. If you sign up before that date the service will be $7.99 instead of $9.99.


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