Google Is Building A Wireless Network Across Africa

Google is working on the infrastructure to provide a wireless network across parts of Africa and Asia. How? Find out below.

Google is building a huge wireless network which will bring wireless service from sub-Saharan Africa to Southeast Asia. Instead of traditional cables and towers, the network will provide service with high-altitude balloons and blimps.

The company will be financing the project is also working on proving Android devices to residents of the region. The ecosystem will utilize low cost devices running Android on low-power microprocessors. Even though the balloons and blimps will be able to provide service hundreds of square kilometers Google also considered building the network with satellites. According to a source at the Wall Street Journal, “There’s not going to be one technology that will be the silver bullet.” As of now the service will only work with balloons and blimps, when asked about the matter a Google spokesperson declined to comment.

The company did however discuss the project on it’s blog, the technology they said, was “well-suited to provide low cost connectivity to rural communities with poor telecommunications infrastructure, and for expanding coverage of wireless broadband in densely populated urban areas”.


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