Google Introduces New Device the Nexus 5

Google has finally finished its latest candy themed operating system Kit Kat and the OS will be available on a brand new Nexus 5. The newest addition to the Google lineup was introduced late last week.

Compared to its predecessor the Nexus 5 is slightly thinner, lighter and runs on a faster Snapdragon 800. With the new HDR camera owners will be combine multiple exposures into a single photo, lighten up dark areas and bring details back to images blown out by a flash.

The new device rolled out in 10 countries last week and is available unlocked for use of any local carrier expect Verizon still. Without a contract you can pick up a 16 GB version for $349 and the 32 GB version retails for $399, also without a contract.

In addition to the Nexus 5, Kit Kat will be available on other Nexus devices in the line, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One within the upcoming weeks.


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