Google Fiber To Expand In The Near Future To Austin, Texas

Google currently offers the fastest internet in America, Google Fiber. However  it is only available in Kansas City but that may soon change. Check out the latest rumor about Google Fiber below.

Google is holding a press conference on Tuesday for an announcement regarding its Google Fiber project. The service received a lot of attention in its debut in Kansas City providing free Internet connection to casual users and gigabit speeds for everyone else. Google is rumored to expand the service now to Austin, Texas.

Currently in Kansas City with a activation fee of $300 users receive 5Mbps down, and 1Mbps free, guaranteed for 7 years, a very nice deal. If you need more speed Google Fiber also offer plan options. For $70 a month you will receive Gigabit speeds, both up and down. For $120 a month you can also add HDTV service to the Gigabit speed. The paid plans have no data caps and no activation fee like the free connection plan.

Compared to current ISP providers, Google Fiber is offering the best speeds at the best price. Austin residents may soon have the privilege to take advantage of Google Fiber.


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