Google Chrome Can Now Search Via Voice Command


Google showed off some new products and services at its I/O developer last week and one of the updates to Google Chrome is now available. Details about the  new Google Chrome features below.

In the latest Google Chrome update, you can now search using your voice. After asking your computer a question it will speak the answer back to you. According to Mashable who tested the new feature, When you simply ask Chrome “Who is the prime minister of Canada?”, Chrome answered, “The prime minister of Canada is Stephen Harper.”

The function still needs work, Chrome’s voice search is far from the conversation type. Follow up questions did not garnish smooth responses like the first question. Instead of another vocal response, a list of links was returned. It appears only simple questions can garnish a speech answer, when asked “Who is Barack Obama?” and “How tall is he?,” the second question did not receive a vocal response.

The feature can be turned off if you would prefer a traditional form of Google Searching. The voice  replies currently only has one voice setting which is a soothing female voice. For now also the search only works with English maybe in the future Google will expand the feature to other languages.



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