Google Awarded Patent For Ad Supported Free Cab Rides

Had a one to many while hanging out on a Friday evening? Soon you may be able to get a free cab ride home even though it isn’t New Years Eve courtesy of Google.

The technology giant just made an interesting move that will make them a even stronger force in the digital advertising industry, free taxi rides.

Advertisers be able to attract customers to their business by simply giving them a free cab ride. “The tech giant just received a patent linking online ads to free taxi rides paid for by advertisers — an option to bring more people to their businesses.”

According to the patent based on the customer location, route mapping, and advertising prices Google will be able to offer either free or discounted rides to retail locations.

So sorry the little situation explained earlier won’t lead to free cab rides, the thought was appealing however. Actually with this new system “an algorithm would track where people are and what they’re looking to buy. If it were cost-effective, a retailer could pay Google to offer a potential customer a ride to its store, using messages delivered on smartphones or stationary kiosks.”

So don’t expect to get this offer consistently for your periodic supermarket or laundry outing.


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