Get Paid To Use Your Smartphone With Locket

What if you could get compensated just for regular everyday usage of your smartphone? Well that day has come. Locket is the new app which will pay you for everyday usage of your smartphone. Now you won’t break the bank but with time and more development Locket can become a huge innovator in the app community.

Locket is a new app available for Android devices that pays you for everyday usage of your smartphone. That’s right, talking, texting, tweeting, even turning your device on and off will equate to money.

The way Locket works is it basically turns your lock screen into a money machine. The ordinary lock screen is replaced with an lock screen displaying an advertisement. Now every time ¬†you unlock your screen, you don’t need to look or click on the ad, you will receive one cent. The fine print however is your earnings are capped at three cents per hour. So don’t give your boss your two weeks yet.

The app may grab the interest of a variety of advertisers. Ads will be displayed based on a variety of factors, data collection from Facebook, geolocation and other app usage so only ads for a target market will be displayed on your device.

Check out how Locket works in the video below.


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