Get a Closer—And Farther—Look With The Next Installment Of The Sharper Image #FirstWorldSolutions Sweepstakes: 100x Zoom Binoculars

zoom binocularsSo you’re sitting on your back porch, enjoying the fine early morning weather. Suddenly you catch a glimpse of movement, far, far up in the sky. You run into the house for your mid-range binoculars, bring them to your eyes, and there it is: the largest bald eagle you’ve ever seen, soaring up and up on a thermal, wings fully extended. It’s one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever witnessed—you think. Or would be anyway, you’re pretty sure. If you could see it better. You’re no eagle-eyes on your own, but even with the binoculars, that bird is just too far away. Maybe it’s a turkey buzzard.

But what’s that sound a few doors down? Why, it’s Fred, your next-next-next door neighbor. You assume, anyway. You can barely recognize him, but it’s the right yard and the right suit. Fred is on his way to work, long before anybody else is up, like usual. But he’s walking kind of oddly isn’t he? Kind of lurching, and falling? You form a suspicion—but he can’t be. You reach for your binoculars. Looking through them, the view is too close, too large, you can’t get the whole picture, but you can pick out a few details—is he really? Yes: Fred is trying to use his daughter’s pogo stick. The pink sparkly one, several feet too short. And Fred, it turns out—Fred is really bad at pogo sticking.

You look back and forth between the two scenes with your weak human eyeballs, then with your binoculars. One scene is near. The other is far. One is gorgeous. The other is hilarious. Both are un-missable. And yet. You’re basically missing them both.

How did this happen?

A First World Problem strikes again. And once again, we have the perfect #FirstWorldSolutions! Enter our sweepstakes for your chance to win a pair of 100x Zoom Binoculars, and your days of squinting at scenes near and far, feeling pretty sure you’re missing out on something without actually knowing what, will be over for good. Zoom binoculars allow you to adjust your power of magnification, so you can zero in or pull back, depending on how far Fred has managed to pogo. To enter the sweepstakes, like our Facebook page and then fill out the entry form. You can enter once per day, now through 11:59 p.m. EST on Tuesday, August 12, to increase your chances of getting to take these rad binocs home. For even more chances, share with your friends—each time one of them enters the sweepstakes through your shared link, we’ll give you an extra entry. Look out for the announcement of the winner on Wednesday, August 13, and for the next installment of our summer-long #FirstWorldSolutions Sweepstakes!


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