Football Season is Here, Which Means #ManCaveMonday is in its Prime

Brew Your Own Beer Making KitWhen kickoff rolls around on Saturday, Sunday, Monday night or now Thursday night, you could grab your go­to cold one from the fridge or cooler. Sure it’s your old standby, but it’s boring. Why not delight your taste buds and impress your buddies with your own home brewed bottles of delicious beer that you made yourself?

You may have thought about it before but thought that home brewing would be too difficult. While learning the ropes can be a challenge without a guide, our Beer Making Kit makes your first two batches easy. From there, the sky is the limit!

With simple instructions brewed down so they’re easy to follow, and all of the tools and

ingredients you need to make 4 gallons of your own beer, this Beer Making Kit is perfect for anyone interested in joining the craft brew movement. In as little as two weeks you could be kicking back in your man cave, enjoying your very own Grand Bohemian Czech pilsner or Aztec Mexican Cerveza, which you can share with your buddies on game day or any day.


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