Facebook Releases New File-Sharing Service: Pipe

There are various file sharing service available, Dropbox being one of the most popular. Facebook has developed a new file-sharing service dubbed Pipe, but how does it compare to the vast amount of services already available for sharing files? Let’s find out below.

For the past year, Facebook has been developing its stnad alone file-sharing app, Pipe and it will finally be released to the public today. Why should you use Pipe compared to the file-sharing service you already utilize?

One of the biggest drawbacks of file sharing via the Web

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is the upload limits. Dropbox, a highly favored service only allows 300MB upload limit. That’s only about 60 songs but compared to the new service, Pipe your upload limit will be 1GB, much larger in comparison to the latter.

The service works best when both parties are online to send and receive files. If the receiving person is not online, you only have a temporary storage “locker” of 100MB that allows files to be downloaded at a later point.

For now, Pipe is only available via the Web. Once the service is fully functional and tested for bugs the focus will be put on finishing the mobile application.

Try out Pipe for yourself today which should be available now in Facebook’s App Center.

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