Facebook Is Looking To Build A Huge Data Center In Iowa


The world’s largest social network is looking for a new home for all your photos, timeline and Farmville games. Zuck and Co. are looking to build a new data center and it’s will be a huge investment if it goes as planned. Check out how much the new Facebook data center will cost after the jump.

Facebook is in the process of building a new data center and it will costs the social network $1.5 billion to get it up and running. The new data center will be located in Altoona, Iowa, according to The Des Moines Register.

The current data center is located in Prineville, Oregon and is a whopping 300,000 square feet, The new center however is expected to  surpass the current one in size at 1.4 million square feet. Besides the Oregon center, Facebook has two other data centers. One is located in Lulea, Sweden and Forest City, N.C. Sweden.

The social network will be looking for a small incentive if the plans for Iowa go through. The company prides itself on its energy consumption levels. According to Facebook, the center in Prineville hits the Department of Energy’s gold standard for data center energy “power usage effectiveness.” For the new center the company will seek tax credits for wind energy, a popular alternative of green energy. Legislators will be the deciding factor if they are to receive the tax credits.

Facebook has yet to comment of the rumors about the new data center.


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