Facebook Is Hosting An Event To Reveal An Android App

Facebook is known for holding press conferences for major announcements. Well the world’s largest social network has announced another press event on April 4th. What does Facebook have up its sleeve now? Check out the details on the Facebook press event below.

The development of a Facebook cell phone has made its way through the rumor mill more than once. Well Zuckerburg and Co is finally revealing what the company has been working on, and according to the invitation it isn’t a phone.

One source stated that Facebook will be revealing an altered Android OS running on HTC device. If that is true how popular will the device be dedicated solely to one social network?  Other sources have said that Facebook has revamped the Android application with deeper integration than the iOS version. If it is just an app update why didn’t Facebook just do a press release instead?

A lot of questions are being throw out but only Facebook has the answers. We will have to wait until April 4th to see what’s new with the world’s largest social network.


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