Facebook Considering Implementing New ‘Sympathize’ button

The Facebook “Like” is the only way users of the social network can display a large array of feelings on a friend’s status but that may change in the near future. Facebook engineers have brainstormed a new button to work alongside the “Like” the “Sympathize” button.

Recently Facebook held a “compassion research day” where members of the network held an Q&A session with engineers. The purpose of the meeting was to “improve [Facebook's] understanding of the driving forces and benefits of compassion”.

A user in the audience suggested a new way to simply recognize more somber statuses without the “Like” button. The example given was the akwardness of “liking” a friends status who just wrote that their parents had died.

Now a “sympathize” button won’t work on every status said Dan Muriello, a Facebook software engineer. However he has suggested adding a list of emotions which a user can tag to a status, expanding on the good ol’ “like” feature of Facebook.

Do you think Facebook needs to allow users to express their feelings easier on the network? How important would a “Sympathize” button be to you?


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