Facebook Adds Free Voice Calling To Its Messenger App

After a recent beta test in Canada, Facebook has launched some new services for its users in the United States. You can now call Facebook friends directly through its Messenger app for free. Check out the latest Facebook Messenger update below.

There may be no Facebookphone yet, but the social network has rolled out a new feature that lets iPhone users make calls using the Facebook Messenger app.

The tech giant updated its Messenger app this week to allow iPhone users to place calls over a WiFi network. A user simply taps the “i” info icon next to a contacts name and then “Free Call.” The feature only works if the contact has shared their mobile number with Facebook and is available to take a call.

Facebook released its Messenger app for Apple’s iPhone last fall, showing the company was serious about ramping up its reach into messaging and applications.

Before Facebook’s press event on Tuesday, it was widely speculated the company would announce its own smartphone or some sort of mobile-focused application. But Facebook went another route and unveiled Graph Search.

Graph Search is a feature that allows Facebook users to search for information that their friends have already shared with them. It is not a global search service like Google, rather it searches only information shared on Facebook’s social graph that has not been made private.


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