Control the Fun with our Top 10 RC Toys

rc toysDo you have “control” freaks on your holiday shopping list? Well, Sharper Image has amazing gifts to make their holidays special — radio controlled toys! Radio controlled toys (“RC Toys” for short) are tons of fun for kids of all ages. Even grownups can’t seem put them down once they see how easy they are to drive, fly, hover and do tricks! Sharper Image has all the newest and hottest RC Toys for the holidays… including these Top 10 customer favorites!

World’s Largest Gyro Helicopter

Rule the skies with the World’s Largest Gyro Helicopter! It measures an impressive 4 feet long, with gyro technology and a coaxial rotor that makes it surprisingly easy to handle. Plus, its lightweight metal body is designed to handle rough landings. Ages 14+.

largest gyro helicopter

RC Hovering Plane

Be the “Top Gun” of your home! Our rechargeable RC Hovering Plane looks like a sleek, modern fighter jet… but it flies easily, like a quadcopter drone. Made for indoor use, this Sharper Image exclusive has an ultralight foam shell and four rotors, plus three speed modes to suit your RC piloting experience. Ages 14+.

rc controlled hovering plane

MiP Autonomous Robot

Perched atop his unique dual wheels, this amazing robot dances, follows your hand motions and performs funny tricks. Clap for him and MiP becomes your new best friend. But don’t get on his bad side, or you’ll have one angry robot! Download the free app to make him do 50 more tricks with your mobile device! Ages 8+.

mip autonomous robot

Video Camera Drone

Record your own backyard missions in super-sharp high definition video! This rechargeable Video Camera Drone soars up to 500 feet in the air, for incredibly smooth and steady videos and crisp photos. Includes 2GB Micro SD memory card and USB card reader. Ages 14+.

video camera drone

RC Bumper Cars

Get ready for futuristic fun with this pair of Bumper Cars. The object is simple… ram your opponent and try to hit his eject button! A successful swipe sends the losing driver flying out of his car with a cackling cry! Ages 6+.

Large Boxing Robots

Got a beef with your BFF? Settle it like robots! These cordless 8″ battlin’ bots mimic your best punching moves. Simply grab the two-handed controller and start throwing lefts and rights. Your robot will throw the exact same punches, with exciting sound F/X and LED lights! Ages 8+.

boxing robots

Smartphone Controlled Plane

You’ve probably tried app-controlled helicopters and drones, but what about an app-controlled plane? The Smartphone Controlled Plane puts you in control of this durable, ultralight biplane. With a little practice, you can reach optimum gliding altitude, then shut off the motor for a longer flight! Ages 14+.

smartphone controlled plane

Wall Climbing RC Car

The rechargeable Wall Climbing RC Car has top secret technology that enables it to drive on walls and ceilings! (Ok, it’s not really that secret. There’s a tiny vacuum that helps it cling to walls and ceilings. But it is way cool!) Ages 8+.

wall climbing rc car

Quad Smart Drone

Our Quad Smart Drone is one of the fastest and most durable remote control copters around. With a bright plastic frame for added protection and style, and three distinct speed modes, it allows for superior outdoor flying, even in moderate winds. Best of all, it can easily perform 360-degree flips! Ages 14+.

quad smart drone

Motion Controlled RC Helicopter

Instead of a joystick, you simply hold the controller and gently move your wrist to fly this cool copter forward, backward, left or right. It features 1-button liftoff, auto-hovering, variable speed rotor, LED lights and a built-in gyro stabilizer for easy flying. Ages 8+.

motion controlled rc helicopter


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