Citibike Exposed Customer Personal Data After A Security Breach

Other than the loss of parking spaces, the Citibike campaign has been a great way to provide a healthy, green form of transportation for New York City residents. However back in April, a security error exposed personal data of Citibike members. Details about the security breach below.

The popular Citibike bike-sharing is under the watch of over a thousand members after being notified of a security breach which exposed their personal information. The members recently received a letter in the mail but were rest assured that nothing malicious has been done with the data.

The only problem is the breach occurred back in April, so it took three months for members to receive the notification, a letter in the mail. The construction of the letter displayed everything except professionalism which has caused even more uproar from customers. A biker named Cody gave the said letter to the Gothamist, “It doesn’t say what company, and there was no letterhead, no address, no logo.”

Hopefully some better methods will be used to satisfy the customers and nothing harmful will occur to the exposed data.


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