Charge Multiple Devices With The Travel Charging Kit


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highly possible on a daily basis you utilize multiple electronic devices. If you are on the move constantly it could make it a burden to keep those devices juiced. Well worry no more, with the travel charging kit your low battery woes will be a thing of the past.

Travel Charging Kit

Our Travel Charging Kit is a connected travelers dream, allowing you to charge up to 3 electronic devices at once – and you’ll only have to use one outlet to do it! It comes with the most common charging cables for most devices, so you’re ready for anything: Apple 30-pin, USB mini and USB micro cables. Plus it comes with both an AC power cord for plugging into a wall outlet, and a DC car adaptor. Stow them all away in a convenient travel pouch and throw it in a suitcase or briefcase – the pouch has built-in storage for all the supplied cables. Charges all iPads, iPhones, including iPhone 5 (Lightning adaptor not included), iPods, smartphones, laptops, eReaders, MP3 players and more.


If you travel with all the power cords needed to keep your electric devices charged, you can easily end up with a tangled mess. Our Travel Charging Kit puts an end to all that – it comes with the most common cords needed to charge most devices, plus an AC power cord and a DC car adaptor. They all fold away in a convenient travel pouch, easy to throw into your suitcase, purse or briefcase.


• Charges up to 3 devices with one plug

• Devices charged include iPad, including the iPad Mini and iPad with Retina Display, iPhone, including iPhone 5 , iPod, Blackberry, Android, Kindle and more

• Includes Apple 30-pin, USB mini and USB micro cables

• Features USB type A connections so you can use the charging cords that come with most devices

• Convenient built in storage for supplied cables

• Travel pouch for storing charger and adaptors make it easy to throw in a suitcase

• Includes both AC charger and a DC car adaptor charger

Looks like a great product right? Well do not hesitate and pick up your Travel Charging Kit here which retails for $49.99.

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