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Top 10 Pool Products For Summer Fun


1. Underwater Pogo Stick That’s right. It’s a pogo stick. For underwater. All the pogo of the traditional stick, none of the “Oh no” of falling on dry land.

2. Indoor/Outdoor Pool Basketball Everyone’s favorite. You and the kids will be staging free-throw competitions to decide who’s got next dibs on the hoop.

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Pool life can be tough. Make it easier with these convenient pool accessories.

From cleaning and maintaining temperature and chemical levels, to complete relaxation, it can be tough to get the most out of your pool while finding time to enjoy it. Check out these tools and accessories that’ll help you make the most of your pool this summer.

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The Return of the iPod Touch

After two years since the last release, Apple debuts a new and improved iPod Touch. The updated device is brighter, cheaper and available today in the US.

Specifically, the new iPod comes in blue, gray, pink, red, silver and yellow, with a rear-facing camera and high-definition video capabilities.  Plus, all three models (16GB, 32GB, 64GB) are seeing major price cuts. Most significantly, the 64GB model is now available for $100 cheaper.

While all three models are programmed with iOS 7 software, they can be upgraded to iOS 8 this fall. Will you be buying a new iPod?


Panasonic’s ToughPad, the Toughest Tablet of All


Panasonic has introduced a 5-inch version of their ToughPad tablet (previously offered in 10- and 7-inch sizes).  At 15-ounces and 1.2 inches thick, “tough” seems to be a major understatement.

The gadget can survive a 10-foot drop onto concrete, landing on its face.  It’s also completely waterproof. Thanks to its special “rain mode,” the device’s touchscreen is usable during a storm, even with gloves. Plus, the tablet’s bulky shape allows for a larger battery that can last up to 14 hours.

It’s no surprise that the ToughPad is aimed at business and industrial markets, and intended for factories, highways, and other high-risk workspaces.  Is the ToughPad for you?

Amazon Announces the Smartest Phone Yet, the Fire Phone

Amazon CEO introduced the company’s first smart phone, the Fire Phone, which will launch on July 25 exclusive to AT&T. The Fire Phone is an extension of their Kindle Fire tablets, and will be the first smartphone to include the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

Among it’s unique features, the Fire Phone will be able to display 3D images, with the illusion of depth behind the screen. Users can scroll through various web pages by tilting the phone in different directions, without touching the display.

Additionally, Fire Phone users will be offered free, unlimited photo storage on the Amazon Cloud, and the ability to “fling” videos and music from one device to another (such as Amazon’s Fire TV or Xbox).

Perhaps the greatest feature of the Fire Phone is Firefly, which can scan any product (even music and television shows) and provide related information within seconds. Firefly will combine technologies from popular smart phone apps like Shazam and My Fitness Pal, and be able to scan 100 million objects, including foods, songs, household products, TV channels and much more.  If the object being scanned is available on, users can add it to their shopping cart instantly.

The Software Development Kit is available online now, so developers can create apps compatible with the Fire Phone, and even build on top of Firefly technologies.