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Microsoft Sells Over 40 Million Licenses Of Windows 8 In First Month


Microsoft has released some impressive sale numbers for its newest operating system Windows 8. Details about the first month sales of Windows 8 can be found below.

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AT&T Now Offers Refurbished iPhone 5′s For $99


Need to upgrade to Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 5? Save some money of high demand smartphone with AT&T. Details on the discounted iPhone can be found below.

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Google Debuts A Thinner, Faster Chromebook For Only $249


This week Google should be launching its new Chromebook device. The new device which was manufactured by Samsung is thinner, faster, and cheaper. Should you purchase the new Chromebook? Check out the specs below.

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Charge And Play Music With The Smartphone Docking Station With Speakers


Don’t sacrifice missing a beat around the house with the iPad/iPhone/Android Docking Station. The compact design allows you to charge devices simultaneously which playing music. Check out all the features of the iPad/iPhone/Android Docking Station below.

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Leaked Photos Of Rumored iPad Mini Emerge


Apple fanatics were expecting a little more at their announcement September 12, possible announcement of the iPad Mini. Well some pics have leaked of the device, still no date on when it will be released to the public. Check out the leaked iPad Mini pictures below.

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