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Control the Fun with our Top 10 RC Toys

rc toysDo you have “control” freaks on your holiday shopping list? Well, Sharper Image has amazing gifts to make their holidays special — radio controlled toys! Radio controlled toys (“RC Toys” for short) are tons of fun for kids of all ages. Even grownups can’t seem put them down once they see how easy they are to drive, fly, hover and do tricks! Sharper Image has all the newest and hottest RC Toys for the holidays… including these Top 10 customer favorites!

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A Clear Focus on Modelling Your Future

magnifying visorOur hands-free Magnifying Visor made a big impression on blogger Kimber VanRy of He’s been a miniature-model builder and gamer for over 30 years, and like a lot of us, his eyesight is not what it used to be.  Continue reading →

At last… a Massage Chair for the Masses!

massage chairEver wish you could sink into a massage chair and get a soothing massage anytime you like? Well, those dreams are becoming a reality with the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair. When you consider the features, the quality and the low $399.95 introductory price, you’ll see why many people are calling it the best massage chair. Continue reading →

Burn off those Halloween Sweets with our Top 10 Fitness Gadgets

Sharper Image Top TenIt’s Halloween and as much fun as it is to dress up, many of us also hear the call of our childhood sweet tooth beckoning us to indulge in the plethora of individually wrapped sweets lying around the house. Sure it’s fun now, but it won’t take long for you to start regretting those extra calories (especially heading into the holiday season). So there’s only one thing left to do – get outside or to the gym and work off those sweets. Fortunately, we have a collection of fitness gadgets to make those workouts more fun, safer and easier to track. Check out our list of our Top 10 Fitness Gadgets.

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Wake up early for the last lunar eclipse of 2014. And a chance to view a rare selenelion

lunar eclipseEarly tomorrow (Wednesday morning) look to the western sky to see the last lunar eclipse of 2014. Most areas of North America with clear skies should see at least part of the eclipse. The most brilliant stage of the eclipse – when the earth completely shadows the light from the sun, allowing the moon to appear reddish in color – will begin at 6:25 a.m. ET and end at 7:24 a.m. ET. Continue reading →