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Control Your iPhone & iPad With Head Movement In iOS 7




An anonymous tipster found an unique new feature coming to Apple’s mobile operating system this fall. Details and videos of controlling your i-Device with head movements below.

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TiVo Adds Unique Personal Feature To Its iPad App



Don’t scramble with your cable providers channel guide next time you don’t have something to watch. TiVo can now find programmings for you based on your preferences. Check out the new TiVo feature below.

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Amazon Developing A Set-Top Box Which Streams Video



Amazon has a huge video catalog and they are working on bringing it to your living room easier. The online retailer is expected to released a streaming video set-top this year. Details on the Amazon rumor can be found below.

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Mozilla Launches Its First FireFox Phone



If you were looking to try out the new smartphone  released by Mozilla hopefully you put your order in already because they are selling fast. Check out the specs and features from the developer of the open-source Firefox web browser below.

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Check Out The First Videos Shot With Google Glass


There is still some mystery around the specs and features of Google Glass but one mystery has solved, the video recording capability. Google has released numerous video filmed with Glass, shot in 720p. Check out some of the activities shot with Glass below.

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