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Score Big and Show Your Stuff. Win a Pac-Man Arcade Machine in Our #FirstWorldSolutions Sweepstakes

Pac-Man Arcade Machine GiveawayAhh…magnificent memories. Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” (OK, maybe Green Day’s “Basket Case”) is playing in the background. Jimmy and Jake, the cool soccer stars, are dropping a week’s allowance worth of quarters and working hard not to spill another can of Coke on the Pac-Man machine, so they won’t get banned from the backroom again. Homework’s done and you finally got your parents’ permission to hang at the mall arcade. You have arrived, get your thumbs ready…records are about to be broken my friends.

Enter now to win the Pac-Man Arcade Party Cabinet! A $2,895 value. Continue reading →

Win a Free Massage Chair and Leave Life’s Troubles Behind with Our #FirstWorldSolutions Sweepstakes

Zero Gravity Massage ChairWhen you work hard and play hard, there’s nothing like the Human Touch Zero Gravity Immersion Massage Chair to ease away stress, tension and worries. Continue reading →

#FirstWorldSolutions Giveaway: BBQ Grill Light and Fan

BBQ grill light & fanWe’re back to solve your first world problems with a #FirstWorldSolution. This week we’re giving away the ultimate grill accessory: the BBQ Grill Light and Fan. Continue reading →

#FirstWorldSolutions Giveaway: Portable Badminton Set

portable badmintonThe case is the base!

We’ve all been there: the rattle of the poles as you dump them out of the box, the untangling of the net, and the stakes that never stay put and always bend. By the time you get a conventional outdoor badminton net set up, you’re ready to pack it away again. And leaving it up all summer just means you have to mow around it. Continue reading →

#FirstWorldSolutions Giveaway: Unbreakable Rocks Glasses

unbreakable rocks glassesLet’s face it, at some point, whether something gets knocked over, or that glass is a little too slippery coming out of the dish washer, you’re going to drop and break a glass. When you invest in the style and quality of a set of rocks glasses to complement your perfectly-aged scotch, a broken glass can be a real heart-breaker.  Continue reading →