Building a “Cozy Fortress of Warmth”

heated wearable blanketThe Heated Wearable Blanket plugs into an AC outlet to keep you warm and toasty. It’s perfect for watching TV, reading, knitting, crossword puzzles or lounging around when Old Man Winter is lurking just outside the front door. 

Here are five reasons we just can’t get enough of this amazing blanket:

1. It’s large and roomy

This soft, fleecy electric throw measures a generous 62″ x 73″ to cover your entire body, from neck to toes. Use it on any bed, chair or sofa to create a fortress of warmth!

2. Adjustable heat

Some like it hot… but some don’t. The Heated Wearable Blanket has an extra-large “flex heat” panel on the front, and four adjustable heating levels — so you can start on high to take the chill off, then dial it down to maintain your optimum temperature.

3. Freedom of motion

Thanks to the built-in sleeves, your arms and torso can stay warm, while your hands are free for reading, knitting, channel surfing or any other activity. And, the convenient center pocket is a great place to store your glasses or smartphone, or warm your fingers.

4. Saves on heating bills

Why crank up the furnace for just one person? Whether you live alone or with others, the Heated Wearable Blanket gives you near-instant warmth that’s tailored to your liking. No more battling over the thermostat, waiting for the heat to kick in or running up the utility bill.

5. Makes a great gift

The Heated Wearable Blanket is one of our most popular gifts, and for good reason. We even offer free monogramming (up to 3 letters) for that extra-personal touch. Choose one of 3 lettering styles and one of 5 thread colors for a gift they’ll cherish throughout the year.


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