Blackberry Relaunches BBM For iOS and Android platforms

Blackberry attempted to bring new life to its company by releasing it exclusive Blackberry Messenger Service to popular smartphone platforms, iOS and Android last month.

An unreleased version of the app was released and Blackberry pulled the plug on its release. However yesterday the company has rereleased the service only to select subscribers.

Anyone can download BBM currently from either the Apple App Store or Google Play store. The app is useless if you didn’t sign up for email notifications with Blackberry about the app prior to September. According to BBM chief Andrew Bocking, about six million people actually signed up prior to the botched release.

The unorthodox release method was implemented due to the unreleased version that leaked into the Google Play store. So users who didn’t sign up for email notifications will have be stuck at the activation screen until Blackberry provides them with an activation email.

Have you downloaded the new BBM? Do you think you will frequent it to contact friends and colleagues on your iOS or Android device?

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