Battle Friends With New Socially Enhanced App Angry Birds Friends


Are you a fan of the Angry Birds series? Have some Facebook friends that love the series also? Well hash it out with Rovio’s newest addition to the series Angry Birds Friends. Details about the new game below.

On top of battling those little green piggies to free your comrades Angry Birds Friends puts you against your friends for dominance  of weekly leader boards. The mobile app infuses features of the Facebook app. In order to use this app you must connect it to your Facebook account.

After connecting your Facebook to the app you will battle your Facebook friends in weekly high-score tournaments. The tournament consist of six levels which you battle for the highest level. You can play the levels as many times as you would like in attempt to get the highest score possible. At the end of the week your total score is added up and the highest score is crowned victor then six new levels are added and you battle it out against your friends again.

Other than the Facebook integration there is no huge changes or enhancements made to the app. Instead of playing alone now you can turn the popular app into a competition. Download the app for iOS devices here and Android here.


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