AT&T Now Offers Refurbished iPhone 5′s For $99

Need to upgrade to Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 5? Save some money of high demand smartphone with AT&T. Details on the discounted iPhone can be found below.

If you’re disappointed that Apple isn’t offering a discount on the iPhone 5 during its Black Friday sale, we’ve got some good news for you: AT&T is selling refurbished iPhone 5s starting at $99 on a two-year contract. This deal is currently online only, so you won’t be able to grab a refurbished iPhone 5 at your local AT&T store or reseller.

We’re not totally sure if this deal is Black Friday only as AT&T’s website doesn’t specify. However, we’d recommend purchasing your refurbished iPhone 5 today if you don’t mind signing into a two-year contract with AT&T.

AT&T is currently selling all storage capacities and colors of the iPhone 5 for roughly $100 less than the corresponding new model. 16GB phones are available for $99, 32GB phones are $199 and 64GB are $299. Even though the phones are refurbished, Apple always replaces the batteries and outer shells of its refurbished products, so they’re virtually identical to new products.

As of now, we’re not sure when Sprint and Verizon will get in on the refurbished iPhone 5 fun. Verizon’s refurbished store is all out of iPhone 4s and 4S’ while Sprint’s website is only showing refurbished iPhone 4S’ for $50.


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