AT&T Now Offer Yearly Upgrades With AT&T Next Program



T-Mobile recently made some changes to it upgrade program not requiring customers to purchase new devices every two years. AT&T has followed suit with its new NEXT program. What exactly does Ma Bell offer? Find out below.

T-Mobile recently introduced its JUMP! program allowing customers to upgrade their device every 6 months rather than the usual every two years from major carriers. In efforts to stay ahead of it’s competition AT&T has announced a similar upgrade program called AT&T Next. It has also been rumored the Verizon will be joining the ranks soon with VZ Edge.

There are still some major differences between T-Mobile’s and AT&T plans. As stated, T-Mobile program allows for upgrades every 6 months while AT&T will allow upgrades on a yearly basis. Additionally AT&T’s program is different being it does not require the initial down payment and other fees (activation, upgrade, and financing). Customers will only pay a fee every month for their subsidized phone making the program less complex compared to T-Mobile.

The plan is expected to launch on the 26th and ironically the Nokia Lumia 1020 will be launching that same day.

Verizon is rumored to announce its plan in August offering a yearly upgrade option to customer also. Nothing through the rumor mill however has leaked out about Sprit offering a device incentive plan yet.


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