AT&T Introduces Temporary Charging Stations Around New York City

AT&T has introduced a counter measure to keep NYC residents cell phones juiced up for any situation. The company has launched cell phone charging stations around NYC to charge smart phones. Find out more details about the charging stations below.

Not having a charger or power source during emergencies would be anyones worst nightmare and many residents of New York City dealt with that during Hurricane Sandy last year. AT&T has started a new program to avoid cell phone user from being in that dilemma, solar powered cell phone charging stations.

The public charging stations came about through a partnership between AT&T, solar company Goal Zero and design studio Pensa. The eco-friendly charging project known as Street Charge will be able to charge any handheld device, packed with a Micro USB, USB, 30-pin connector, and Lightning port. The stations are available throughout the whole day, powered by solar panels during the day and built-in lithium batteries at night.

In a recent statement Marco Perry, co-founder of Pensa, said: “We’re looking to create something that compliments its surroundings and invites people to hang out and recharge. We have also found that where people gather, opportunities develop for street vendors and retail, and neglected urban areas come alive.”

The program will run throughout the summer in NYC and its expected for the companies to expand the

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charging stations to other cities around the country in the near future.

Find a charging station near you either online or via Twitter.



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