Apple Rumored To Be Testing Curved Glass ‘iWatch’

Its been a while since Apple released a new innovation product but this may be a preview of what the technology giant has to offer next to its fans across the world, the iWatch. Smart watches is a fairly new market with Kickstarter project Pebble dominating it. Is Apple looking for market share with the iWatch? Check out the rumor below.

Like hands on a clock, rumors that Apple is developing a Dick Tracy-like wristwatch have come around again.
The New York Times reports today that Apple is experimenting with wristwatch-like iOS devices that sport curved glass. The advantage of the “iWatch,” as some have labeled it, is said to be in the company’s expertise with curved glass.

The smart wristwatch notion isn’t exactly groundbreaking: A lot of smart watches, fitness bands, or some hybrid of the two, were talked up last month at CES. Some of those devices include the long-awaited Pebble wristwatch, which made its debut at the conference, and the 007-inspired Martian Passport Watch.

Rumors of Apple working on just such a device have been circulating for months. A report from a Chinese blog last December held that Apple had partnered with Intel to develop an iOS wristwatch that would be Bluetooth-enabled and sport a 1.5-inch OLED screen.

Apple encouraged wearing previous versions of the iPod Nano on wrists in 2011, with manufacturers selling watchbands that could be attached to the Nano to wear it as a wristwatch. However, Apple bumped up the size of the iPod Nano last year, leading to speculation that it was developing a wearable computer of its own.


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