Apple Receives Solar Powered MacBook Patent

The next MacBook might be more enjoyable on a park bench compared to a coffee shop. Apple has won a patent to power MacBooks with solar power cells.

The new patent called ‘Electronic device display module’ describes a method to power laptops through solar light. If this concept is actually implemented the MacBook monitor will be changed to dual displays. The two-sided glass will utilize the inside screen as normal laptop display while the outside display will contain photovoltaic cells used for solar charging. In addition to solar charging the outside display will allow the usage of a touch screen inputs on MacBooks.

The new Apple patent is comparable to Windows 8 devices currently but with the addition of solar power. Will the patent change the design of Apple products that are generally light and thin? Windows 8 devices tend to be thick so unless Apple has some tricks up their sleeve maybe future MacBooks will be designed in a non-traditional

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