Apple Introduces The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

After months of rumors and speculations Apple finally announced its new additions to the iPhone series, the 5S and the 5C.

Physically the iPhone 5S is similar to the current iPhone 5 model but cosmetically the new phone will come in more colors than the traditional black and white models. The iPhone 5S will be available in black with a grey face along with a new silver and a gold model. The device will be released on September 20 and will cost $199 to $399 with a two-year contract.

Internally, the iPhone 5S surpasses it predecessor exponentially. The A7 chip allows the phone to run 64-bit software and makes it twice as fast the iPhone 5. In addition to the A7 chip the new phone will feature the M7 chip, a “motion coprocessor.” The new chip accesses sensors without the using the main chipset making the phone more efficient with exercise apps and location services. The battery is equivalent of its predecessor, allowing 10 hours for usage and 40 hours for music only.

The camera is 8-megapixel but has been redesigned with larger optics and a larger sensor. The new “True Tone” flash adapts better to lighting conditions and provides more natural light.

One of the biggest changes physically coming to the iPhone 5S is the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Users will be able log into their device without a password as well as purchase apps, music and movies in iTunes with their finger.

The iPhone 5C is the new inexpensive model to the Apple series retailing at only $99 with a two-year contract. This model will be available in five different colors with a polycarbonate body unlike the glass and aluminum body of the iPhone 5. Similar to the iPhone 5 the 5C is powered with the Apple A6 processor, the back camera is 8-megapixels and a HD FaceTime camera.

Both devices will be released with Apple’s iOS 7. The new operating system will be available to the public on September 18. The Apple 5S and 5C go on sale on September 20.

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