Apple Introduces $5 Mobile Data Passes For Tablet Users

Do you own an 3G/4G enabled AT&T tablet? The telecom company announced today some new options for seldom users without a Wifi connection.

Yesterday during GigaOm’s Mobilize conference AT&T vice president Chris Penrose introduced a new data plan exclusive to iPad owners on the network. If you seldom needs for mobile connection on the device users can now sign up for a $5 day pass that allots 250 megabytes. For $25 users also have the option for 1 gigabyte of mobile data to use over a three month period.

The plan was created to satisfy users who travel frequently and relay on hotel Wifi. Penrose elaborated at the conference, “We really think that a Wi-Fi only tablet is good, but it is not good enough.” AT&T would prefer “tablet manufacturers build just one tablet,” only a Wifi + cellular radio version. Compared to Wifi only tablets, Apple charges more for a device with 3G/4G capability.

If interested in taking advantage of the new data plans users can visit from their tablet’s browser. Of course it needs to be a device loaded with an AT&T sim.

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