Apple Hit With ‘Planned Obsolescence’ Lawsuit For iPad 3

Apple released the fourth genertation of its tablet device, the iPad back in October. The device was released only seven months after the previous model, the iPad 3. The Brazilian Institute of Politics and Law Software (IBDI) has taken legal action against Apple in regards to the short gap and lack of updates between the iPad 3 and iPad 4. Details about the latest lawsuit against Apple below.

The IBDI feels the updates found in the iPad 4 could have been included with the iPad 3, as a result a lawsuit has been filed against the technology giant. According to the attorney for IBDI, “Consumers thought [they were] buying high-end equipment not knowing [it] was already an obsolete version.”

There are only three differences between the two tablet devices.

The latest iPad comes with an A6X processor compared to the A5X processor in the iPad 3. The discontinued tablet does not include a FaceTime HD camera and the device required a 30-pin connector compared to the new Lightning found on the iPad 4.

Apple has been accused of unfair business practices and if they lose the case against the IBDI they may be required to compensate iPad 3 owners. Consumers however who purchased the iPad 3 thirty days within the announcement of the New iPad were able to return their device for the updated version.

Do you think Apple indulged in “planned obsolescence” with the New iPad?


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